Advanced Technologies

All technologies used in our office are carefully chosen to make the patient experience better while helping us to be more efficient and productive. From our fully digital/paperless office to digital 2-D and our patients learn just how big of a difference the right technology can make. Here are some examples of the technology that we use at Angel Smiles to help us deliver the exceptional endodontic care we promise for all of our patients.


Digital X-rays & Digital Intraoral Camera

Digital-X-raysWe use an advanced non-film computerized system that produces radiation levels up to 90 percent lower than those of conventional dental x-ray machinery. Digital imaging also allows the patient to instantaneously view high resolution images.












Using hand held I/O camera, we can capture high quality image and display it on our flat screen TV. This useful tool provides us the visual evidence needed to educate our patients about their endodontic condition and also helps them to make the treatment decisions with confidence.






dentimaxDentiMax is a, full-featured dental software programs that completely integrate dental practice management, digital imaging and patient clinical charting.





Massaging Patient Chairs

Patient-ChairsAt Angel Smiles we are pleased to offer the world’s first fully integrated dental massaging system from Pelton called ErgoSoothe Massage Technology. The gentle massaging action of the ErgoSoothe system offers welcome relief from the stresses of daily life in general & the long endodontic treatment in particular and helps you relax during your treatment.


While it is certainly true that none of this high tech gadgetry replaces a warm & caring personal care you deserve but we can tell you with certainty that the quality of the care we can deliver is enhanced by many of these wonderful technological advancement.